Renderly {free}


 Hassle-free photoshop exporting. It’s a Photoshop plugin that does all the boring hard work. will automatically export screens, assets and detailed design specs for your clients and fellow developers. Our technology makes it smart which means exporting only those elements that were changed. Ohh, of course it’s blazing fast and it runs in the background.

Full assets package
All you need to do is to use a proper prefix and will handle all the hard work.

Keep your icons as vectors, add a prefix “ico” and that’s all. will export all of them to your assets folder.

Name a group with “btn” and create a state by adding e.g. “:hover” in the end of the name inside that group.

Simply add “img” prefix to any kind of layer or group and will export it as raster graphic.

Credits: Airnauts