LayerCraft {free}

A Photoshop plugin to export UI assets from layers


  • Scale doc by 200%
  • Scale doc by 50%
  • Duplicate as new doc
  • Trim transparent pixels
  • Cut-out selected layers


  • @1x
  • @2x
  • @3x


  1. mdpi
  2. hdpi
  3. xhdpi
  4. xxhdpi
  5. xxxhdpi

Credits: Ray


iOS UI Kit Photoshop Actions {$12}

Creating iOS mockups in Photoshop has just turned badass.

This UI Kit for Photoshop in a form of an action set lets you create entire interfaces in a few clicks. One click on a button from the Actions palette equals one element drawn in seconds in your canvas.

One click
That’s what it takes to work the magic. Couldn’t be simpler.

Size aware
One action to rule them all. The same button works for any size.

No drag’n’drop, no plugins. iOS UI is now in your workspace.

You can draw very quickly interfaces for iPhone 4, 5 and 6, and now iPad featuring portrait and landscape modes. There is also a template for icons. It creates default-looking elements from the latest iOS, with precision about colors, positions, fonts. Everything is editable, so it’s very easy to customize it and make it the wireframing starting point of your app design.

The pack contains two actions files (one for iPhone, one for iPad), a custom shape file, needed for the actions to run properly, and an exhaustive user manual pdf.

This pack is now fully compatible with older versions of Photoshop, it has been tested on CS6, CC, and CC 2014 and works great on each version.

Credits: Jérémy Paul


Armature {$24}

Build User Interfaces Fast in the Tool You Already Design in
Armature is the ultimate wireframing extension for Adobe Illustrator

Ready-made Objects for Just About Everything
Conceptualize web and mobile layouts quickly and efficiently by simply adding objects to any artboard. Armature’s well-organized, fully searchable library contains headers, footers, menus, tabs, toggles, tooltips, placeholders, content blocks, form elements and even complete layouts—the list goes on.

Credits: Greygoo


Font Hero {$39}

Font Hero - The next generation of Font Management software for designers
Font Hero is the brand new generation of font manager software for every designer - it allows you capture and manage fonts directly in Photoshop in your way. If you heavily use the ‘Type Tool’, then this software is for you.

How Can I Use Font Hero
Font Hero for Photoshop CC plugin utilized some cool technologies - it is faster and more useful than traditional desktop font software. Once you start implementing Font Hero in your design workflow, all the local fonts & cloud fonts can be classified & organized neatly. Below are some ways you can use with Font Hero.

Too many fonts to locate the right one? Font Hero plugin will classify fonts by Typeface classification.

Found some fonts you use frequently? Add them into projects/collections, or simply click to add to your favorite font list.


Just type, and the matched fonts will appear immediately.

Preview different fonts as you type. No need to scroll down the Photoshop’s long font drop-down menu anymore…


Want larger font preview or different font library style? Font Hero offers several options to help you do that!

Google Fonts & Typekit Fonts will be moved into specific section - extremely convenient for Web Development.

Credits: Layerhero Software


Font Awesome PS {free}

Font Awesome icons right inside Adobe Photoshop

Search for an icon and click to create a new layer shape which you can easily edit. That’s all you need to do in order to have access to the amazing selection of free Font Awesome icons.



PSD Cleaner {$15}

Layers Organize Themselves with PSD Cleaner
Photoshop Plugin that lets you easily find and fix messy layers in your PSDs.

Keeping PSDs clean is now easy as pie
Avoid the manual work of keeping your designs organized. PSD cleaner automatically scans through your PSD structure to find all the messy layers. And these layers can be quickly fixed right from the panel as well. This way you will always know what’s wrong and your PSD will always be clean.

You will never miss a messy layer ever again
Naming unnamed layers takes only seconds

Automatically locate unnamed layers and rename them right in our plugin.

Use the right type of text

You can instantly turn any point text that has breaking spaces into a paragraph text.

Easily find and fix CSS incompatible layers

Some Photoshop effects are impossible to recreate in CSS. Easily find and fix them.

Simply clear all unused styles & layers

Get rid of all unnecessary layer styles and layers with just a few clicks.

Delete all empty layers with few clicks

It takes forever to manually delete empty layers. Not anymore with PSD Cleaner.

Quickly locate all layers that are out of canvas

Searching for out of canvas layers is time consuming. Avoid this with our PS Plugin.

Credits: MadebySource


CSS Hat 2 {$34.99}

CSS Hat version 2 is here 

Select any Photoshop Layer and get CSS instantly.

Colors, gradients, sizes, borders…
All instantly in CSS.
Using CSS over images gives front-end developers many benefits. However it requires a ton of hand-coding to reflect all the layer styles into the code. CSS Hat prevents this pain. It accurately translates layer styles into CSS in a jiffy - no waiting, forget hand-coding, we pinky promise!

Font styles and paragraph styles in a breeze.
Font-family, font-weight, font-size, line-height… all the details that really matter in typography. Now you don’t have to inspect each text layer and manually transform it into CSS. CSS Hat will do that for you automatically. Even if the layer has multiple font styles!

At your fingers - get Less, Sass, Stylus, or any other language instantly
Using CSS preprocessors allows you to forget about writing a ton of vendor prefixes for all the different browsers. And that’s why CSS Hat also supports Less, Sass, or Stylus. Even more, create your own code template for your favorite language.

Easily extensible by middlewares.
This plugin system lets you extend the functionality of CSS Hat. Middlewares can alter the output and each one can be doing something specific. For example, see our Webfont Helper middleware below.

Simple to use and easy to read.
Instead of coding yourself to tears, you get a neatly formatted and color highlighted code. With the preview feature, you are even able to see how it will look like on the web. Make the process even easier - with our enhanced copy functionality you can easily implement small parts of the code.

Credits: MadebySource


UberFrame {$5}

This is the original UberFrame extension which includes the following frames: 
Safari, Safari Yosemite, Google Chrome, Yandex, Internet Explorer, YouTube Video Player. 

Also you can Turn On/Off shadows and opt for a transparent background. 

Coming Soon

Firefox, Opera, IE 7-11, Vimeo Player, iPhone 4-6, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, and many new covers.

Credits: Anton Lyubushkin


Colors Pro {$19}


Colors Pro - The Color Picker, Color Scheme, and Color Palette Tool on Steroids

Tired of having to use three to seven different apps for your daily work with colors, palettes, swatches, schemes, and color codes; not to mention all the hassle to access them from all your different apps and to keep them in sync across all your Macs?

MOApp to the rescue!

With Colors you can have it all. In one single application.

Colors is a color picker.
Colors is a photo analyzer.
Colors is a scheme generator.

Unlimited, everything!

Colors stores all your colors, schemes, and palettes.
Colors works with iCloud, Dropbox, and Co so that you can access them from all your Macs.
Colors speaks twenty different color codes; from HEX to UIColor and Java RGB.

Colors, everywhere!

Colors PRO comes bundled with a Color Picker Plugin.

Once enabled, you can access all your colors, palettes, and schemes from within any supported app like, for example, Pages, Pixelmator, Sketch, Xcode, or Photoshop.

Credits: MOApp Software Manufactory


Open Brand {from free to $149}

Take your Creativity out of the Box

Files, Examples, Specs – All Organized In One Place
Unlike a simple shared drive, OpenBrand ensures everything is documented and your creative works are complete with all source files and production data.

Mockup Rendering Engine Helps
With Superb Delivery
OpenBrand was built by designers, for designers. Among other great features it allows for easy creation of amazing design mockups to impress your clients.

Built-in To Your Photoshop And Illustrator
You won’t have to download or even leave Photoshop or Illustrator to access your files. All resources organized in OpenBrand are at your fingertips when you’re working on new designs. No space is occupied on your hard drive. No version confusion and everything up to date. Even Windows users can navigate design files visually!
Available on | for Photoshop and Illustrator CC / CC 2014.

Brand Guidelines? Forget PDF!
Designing a new brand? Rebranding? OpenBrand provides a next generation dynamic alternative to static PDF manuals no one ever reads: A unique set of features for work with logos, color palettes, typography, pictures, and much more.

Your Brand: Organized, Accessible, and Always Protected
OpenBrand defines, collects, organises and protects all the necessary elements of any brand.
You are always in control, allowing access only to those who need it.

Collaborate From Anywhere
OpenBrand is your private space in the cloud, so you can work securely from wherever you are. Share, discuss and update projects so everyone is on the same page.

Credits: OpenBrand


Othericons {free}

10,000+ beautiful icons added. All available in our brand new PS plugin.

Search all your icons and quickly find the one you are looking for.

All the icons are customizable because you can apply them as vector shapes.

Everytime the author changes or updates the icon set, we will instantly update it in your plugin.

Credits: MadeBySource


Cell {free}

Smart objects control for Photoshop

Smart Objects, the smart way.
Smart objects are becoming a vital feature of Photoshop. Cell is a set of scripts i have created to manipulate multiple Smart Objects in a quick and easy way. You can now create / break multiple smart objects in one click. The save action is also very useful, if you work with complex multi-views documents based on smart objects. Cell is also a great way to save Smart Objects directly as .png assets. (Good news - if you work with transparent bounding boxes, Cell recognize it!)

Compress multiple selected layers and groups to multiple Smart Objects.

Break multiple Smart Objects to Layer groups, the easy and fast way.

Save multiple Smart Objects to single psd and png files. A smart way to save assets!

Credits: Lorenzo Buosi


Zeick 3 {$19.99}

Photoshop plugin allows you export vector shape layers to SVG files.


  • Vector shape layers - Shapes will be exported as vector SVG files 
  • Group of shapes - Groups of shapes will convert to multilayered SVG files 
  • Multiple layers Export - You can select a lot of layers and export them in 1 click.
  • Shape Colour - We will apply shape colour from Photoshop to SVG file.
  • Shape Gradient - You can use shape gradient in Photoshop beta
  • Shape Stroke - Just try different types of shape strokes beta
  • Drop Shadow - Apply drop shadow filter from layer effect to SVG early beta
  • Colour overlay - Use layers effects in Photoshop and try colour blending modes beta
  • Gradient overlay - Yap we can convert gradient layer effect to SVG